I think I deserve my own thread.

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21-09-2006 18:22:30

You heard it here first guys... St00pid finally went shipped.

"Order # 50386li - ipods.freepay.com - 3/30/2006 - 81900 PM - Shipped"

This better be the new 2G model or I'm going to fucking kill someone.


21-09-2006 18:24:08

Mine came today, was upgraded wink so yours should be.

No freepay t-shirt or clock though


21-09-2006 18:35:05

HEY!!!!!!!!! Congrats St00pid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and yeah, you totally deserve your own thread. hahaha)


21-09-2006 18:41:36

Hell has frozen over. Congrats St00pid.. it's been a long haul, eh?


21-09-2006 19:15:30

[quote11b410ae1e="Jeorgius"]Mine came today, was upgraded wink so yours should be.

No freepay t-shirt or clock though[/quote11b410ae1e]

Heh, mine better be.


21-09-2006 20:01:35

Nice, congrats!!!!


21-09-2006 20:09:58

Oh and thanks to everyone who supported me through my grueling wait period.


22-09-2006 07:39:56

To be honest, I'm going to wait congratulate you until you actually get it. With your luck, freepay has watching this site and is just gleefully messing with you. That, by the way, is pure evil.

On the other hand, maybe they're sending you a case of 'em.

Good luck!


22-09-2006 08:07:27

2006/09/21 2134 LONDON, ON Item accepted at the Post office
2006/09/21 1424 WINDSOR, ON Shipping details electronically submitted



22-09-2006 09:43:31

Congrats St00pid...

I checked my account today and mine has been shipped also. I was given a tracking number and link to follow the progress.

I was approved on 08/08, looks like they are coming through with the "will ship on 09/23" notices that were briefly on our accounts.



22-09-2006 12:08:57

I recieved my 30 gig ipod today.
still waiting for my PSP to ship with the ESD 9/23

CONGRATS St00pid!!!


22-09-2006 13:11:41

My 360 is showing shipped today!

I sent in my form on May 5th. I've been approved since July 27th.

This is such an emotional moment for me.


22-09-2006 13:46:17

Damn cry baby...

Haha, kidding... lol
Congrats. I hope mine "ships" tomorrow even though I don't have the ESD on my account, but I am STV. Enjoy yours! )