There's a THINKPAD on Laptops.Freepay! (@#$%&!!!)

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21-09-2006 15:01:21

Goddamit, I'm already STV on the VAIO! shock cry


21-09-2006 15:15:04

I am STV (for a ibook) but when I asked them about the laptops and said they were outdated they responded yesterday that I will get the new macbook. Try to just submit a customer service request and see what they can do.


21-09-2006 15:29:50

I'm contacting them now. (fingers crossed)

Their timing sure doesn't help my nerves though. ;)


21-09-2006 15:51:00

I'm really pissed that the Samsung flatscreen that I'm getting is now worth around $290 when I got 8 referrals for it.


21-09-2006 16:06:15

Can someone please post the specs to the ThinkPad?


21-09-2006 16:28:16

Not sure exactly, but I and another think it's this


Here's the Sony



21-09-2006 16:34:00

I added a poll. ;)

What do you think? (noticed the Toshiba is gone now too)


22-09-2006 08:53:46

Hmm, the Macbook is in the lead. Is that because it's the most expensive, or do you feel that it's physically better? I guess I should've emphasized that I'd prefer a keeper, not one that would get me the most cash on eBay.


22-09-2006 09:04:07

Having owned both, (but being more of a PC person), I would take a Thinkpad all day over the MacBook, expecially if you can confirm it's a T or X series, I would think twice about an R series Thinkpad. (I believe the Z series is the replacement for the T).


22-09-2006 09:11:21

Well, I'm waiting on confirmation, but I'm fairly certain it's a Z series. Specifically, the Z60t I posted above. The Z series is, IIRC, the first to be produced by Lenovo, rather than being continued by them like the others. That's something that has me wondering.

This is encouraging, though



22-09-2006 09:48:07

my vote is for the macbook, but I am a mac fan and only use their machines.


22-09-2006 11:03:25

I'd get the ThinkPad, definitely.


22-09-2006 20:56:29

Damn.....damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. (

[quoted5ab03caae]Your VAIO order was placed on 9/13/2006. Due to a shortage of VAIO products in our Warehouse there has been a delay in shipment for customers who are currently waiting on VAIOs. We contacted our vendor to see if we could cancel your order but they had already placed the order with their supplier. We are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to accommodate your request for a Thinkpad.


The FreePay Customer Service Team[/colord5ab03caae][/quoted5ab03caae]

I know I should be glad to get anything after waiting all this time, but I seriously wanted a Thinkpad. I remember even emailing Gratis back when I started the site to ask them to add one. OC too. So, there's a certain kind of cruelty to this.


22-09-2006 21:39:22

how many refs are each of these?


22-09-2006 21:51:01

laptops.freepay is 20 refs. Always has been.


23-09-2006 11:37:36

do you have to get all 20 refs in 90 days?


23-09-2006 21:55:37



23-09-2006 22:15:20

[i7a9e5298a5]Now[/i7a9e5298a5], yeah, but not when I first started.

Incidentally, that Thinkpad has a fingerprint scanner built into the wristrest as well as EV-DO wireless on top of an Atheros 802.11a/b/g mini-PCI card.

It just goes on hurting...

unknown uchiha

24-09-2006 01:56:29

This is off-topic, but I heard of cases of Lenovo laptops blowing up as well. Apparently, this links to Sony batteries...


24-09-2006 02:00:54

Well, Lenovo does make a seperate non-Tinkpad laptop line which are much cheaper. It might be those.