My 30 Gig IPOD Shipped [Recieved}

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21-09-2006 10:33:47

My 30 Gig IPOD is Shipped by UPS will get it on 9/22 YIPPPEEE!!!!!!!!
It's comin from MEMPHIS,TN
So it's not from PC Mall thats in Calif.
I seen in other posts some had it from there.

all I need now is my PSP


21-09-2006 12:09:55

cool, congrat's. i got mine and am now waiting for my 80GB )


21-09-2006 12:33:04

PCmall has a location in TN now because my 360 that arrived today!!! came from there


21-09-2006 13:54:15

I LIVE there.



21-09-2006 16:35:53

My 30gb came today from Memphis as well. (The PC Mall place.)

I am so excited! I didn't even know it had shipped as they didn't update the information until today after it was delivered.


21-09-2006 17:23:57

Received my 30 gig Ipod today. It too shipped from Memphis. I ordered it on 7/19/06 shipped 9/19/06 and I received it 9/21/06 Order number was # 5062XX. Hope everyone starts receiving their's. Thank the lord the wait is over!