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20-09-2006 19:01:12

I just logged on to my laptop account, and the ibook has been replaced with the new macbook. How sweet is that? I am STV, though, so does this mean that I'll get the macbook? On my order status page, it doesn't show what I ordered, it just says "Free "


20-09-2006 19:32:09

Probably the macbook, since it's been out a while.

Pretty awesome.


20-09-2006 19:37:01

Jesus...I'm already STV on the VAIO.


20-09-2006 19:52:41

It's ok, Macs suck.


20-09-2006 19:55:47

[quoteaa3e88651a="johnjimjones"]It's ok, Macs suck.[/quoteaa3e88651a]

Do I smell jealousy? lol


20-09-2006 20:02:15

[quote1dd1514228="johnjimjones"]It's ok, Macs suck.[/quote1dd1514228]

Well, I hate OS. but these are Intel machines. You can run both OS's which would be cool. I might have chosen it over the VAIO.


20-09-2006 20:04:13

Well I'll let you guys know what I get. I'm guessing that they ran out of ibooks or something, which would explain the update to macbooks.


20-09-2006 20:17:54

Sweet, I was hoping they would replace this, I am STV, hopefully will get the macbook )


20-09-2006 20:32:22

I'm hoping they cancel my order due to lack of stock, which forces them to offer me more current choices.

Yeah, right.


21-09-2006 09:33:07

Yea i just noticed that today also. mine just says "free" too so im sure its just some glitch and they will change it soon. I hope they send them out soon.


21-09-2006 14:38:02

Well, maybe it only says "Free" because you select the new gift and that's what they've updated your status to reflect and it's not in their database yet. Cross your fingers.. not that you'll probably need to because like someone else said they've been out for a while so you'll probably get the MacBooks.


21-09-2006 18:36:22

Maybe now that they are going to be sending us something that they actually have stock of, we'll get them really soon. Will they be sent by Amazon?


21-09-2006 21:30:38

Probably still PCMall.


21-09-2006 21:38:33

they had some sony shipped with amazon last week though oops


22-09-2006 10:40:52

Well I just checked out Freepays latest blog entry, and it says that all iBook orders will be automatically updated to Macbooks!

Great. They better be shipping soon...


22-09-2006 10:48:07

Yea, I have been stv for a few weeks so hopefully these will be shipped soon )


22-09-2006 10:51:29

Yeah, me too. I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out. hahaha. Do you know what carrier Amazon ships with?


23-09-2006 11:48:22

Hey Tholek and Stagim, did either of you get that estimated ship date on your accounts?


25-09-2006 11:49:18

Nope, I have been STV for awhile now but not estimated shipping date. I put a customer service ticket in to ask them when it might ship and no response so far.


25-09-2006 14:35:57

Nah, I'd update my sig if that happened.

[quotebbd59c079a="mwt123"]they had some sony shipped with amazon last week though oops[/quotebbd59c079a]

The VAIO listed on laptops.freepay is the FS940. Amazon has it, but look at the price


Now look at the VAIO on PCMall I posted in the Thinkpad thread[=http//]Thinkpad thread


It would be odd for Gratis to prefer Amazon as a vendor on this particular model.

EDIT Uh-oh. The PCMall listing for the FS940 states the manufacturer part number is VGN[bbbd59c079a]FS920[/bbbd59c079a], while the Amazon listing states it's VGN-FS940 which ought to be correct.


25-09-2006 15:02:59

ipodlover1, my estimated ship date for macbook is 10/9


25-09-2006 15:51:45

You keeping the MacBook, or eBaying it? If eBay, are you planning on buying another? (Just curious)


25-09-2006 17:03:39

Keeping it. I was just going to eBay the iBook, but when they updated my order I thought what the heck? (I was probably going to get the MacBook anyway.)