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20-09-2006 15:15:36

hey everyone

i posted in the other canadian thread that i received an email from canada post last night with tracking info for a mystery package

well i checked the tracking page this morning and it said it was on its way to being delivered

just by chance i had to come home from waterloo (where im in school) to mississauga to pick up a DIFFERENT package that was waiting for me (somethin i ordered on ebay) and what is in my bed room, a nice cardboard cube

inside... MY 4GB IPOD NANO!!!! and a I Love T-Shirt!!!!

I had been processing since Feb. 17th, 2006, went STV about a month ago, and now, after waiting over 7months, finally i have my ipod.

so everyone who is STV, just be patient, your stuff is most likely coming.

hope everyone from Canada enjoys this news!!!

oh and by the way... my status on the website still says Sent To Vendor, Waiting On Product [bda6b338884]EDIT just checked it again 2min later and it says Shipped[/bda6b338884]

peace guys im gonna post pics in the brag bag tomorrow when i get back to school


20-09-2006 16:10:19

Heh. I'm just happy that they're starting to ship to Canada, because like you... I've been waiting nearly 7 months.