People shipped - order numbers?

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20-09-2006 06:51:03

Since I've been processing and STV for nearly 7 months and STILL haven't been shipped... I was wondering about the people who have recently went shipped with "estimated ship dates" and all that shit. [bca33815264]What are your order numbers?[/bca33815264]

Mine is 50386x. - edited just in case >_>


20-09-2006 11:04:25

50660X Still processing!


20-09-2006 11:18:36

50665X - shipped 9/19

I never got the "estimated ship date" thing either


20-09-2006 11:25:07

My order was placed before yours (.


20-09-2006 11:31:40

mine was 50615x and still STV, it seems like they never do things in order.


20-09-2006 11:39:23

50509X and still STV. For the love of pete...


20-09-2006 12:03:27

Bah, that's depressing.
I knew I had a long wait ahead of me, but seeing the number of orders just makes it worse


20-09-2006 16:09:17

It's even more depressing for me, considering my 7 month wait.


20-09-2006 16:32:19

50482x shipped yesterday


20-09-2006 17:05:30

It's different for you though St00pid, because Canadians naturally get the shaft at Freepay because they have to buy the units individually from an online retailer like or so they try to hold out I guess? Or maybe because of the transition between iPods BestBuy hasn't updated their's yet? Not sure.. but hopefully you get it soon.


20-09-2006 18:42:34

Did any of you that received items file a complaint with the BBB. My order # is 5055## and I am still processing on ipods since 6/29.


20-09-2006 18:46:00

I'm hoping that since mine didn't go out in the first batch of shipments, that when it eventually DOES ship, it'll be an 80GB video iPod... we'll see what happens though.

Jesus, I really hope you get yours soon St00pid, its been forever already! ?


20-09-2006 19:03:48

[quotea0dd7dbdd8="jbud"]Did any of you that received items file a complaint with the BBB. My order # is 5055## and I am still STV on ipods since 6/29.[/quotea0dd7dbdd8]

I did not file a complaint with the BBB


20-09-2006 22:39:07

Thanks for the support guys... I still haven't filed a BBB report because I'm not sure which emails and contacts to use... could anyone take me through it?


20-09-2006 22:43:01

Um, [i9a0da4557c]traditionally[/i9a0da4557c] order numbers aren't posted due to risk of them being used to get personal info and/or redirect packages to other addresses. (Not sure this is still the case, but it was why people blurred them out of sigs)


20-09-2006 23:40:39

Yeah I've tested it, I entered someone else's order # into my iPods.FreePay but it's invalid. Obviously they would have at least SOME degree of privacy, no matter how incompetent they are.


21-09-2006 17:33:03

Received my 30 gig iPod today. It too shipped from Memphis. I ordered it on 7/19/06 shipped 9/19/06 and I received it 9/21/06 Order number was # 5062XX. Hope everyone starts receiving their's. Thank the lord the wait is over! D I did not file a BBB complaint.