Is anyone actually still persuing freepay sites...?

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16-09-2006 00:46:06

I can never find someone to trade a freepay site with...


16-09-2006 02:46:18

Um, if they revoked the thirty day rule, I might be tempted to finish digitalcameras at least. Not that it would help you, but they lost me with that. (


16-09-2006 11:04:06

ask family & friends and people you work with or go to school with.


16-09-2006 11:14:09

what site do u need and or how much are paying


16-09-2006 14:44:29

I just sent in my voucher for my xbox 360 (for the secon time) today that i started in march. they DQed one of my refs, but granted me a 30 day extension.


18-09-2006 12:51:09

hell no.
I got my ipod from them back in 2004, got a DS a little later, and finished my flatscreen TV just as they put up the new system.
I ran, far away, and haven't looked back since.