30 day crap???

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15-09-2006 07:31:01

I have completed my laptop requests and have 20 green. but now it says this...

Although you have the minimum number of referred friends needed to get your FREE Laptop, our records indicate that you joined less than 30 days ago. According to our Terms and Conditions, you cannot request approval until your account is older then 30 days. Please check back after 10/2/2006 on this page to continue to the next stage.

Please note Unfortunately, customers often find that 1 or 2 of their referrals do not get awarded due to their referrals having broken our Terms and Conditions, so you may want to refer extra friends to improve your chances of approval. We will check your account and confirm that all of your referrals are unique, valid and legitimate. We also check your referrals' referrals, to ensure that there has been no fraud or abuse. We cannot award you credit for referrals that have broken our Terms and Conditions, please bear this in mind.


15-09-2006 09:10:04

Yeah, that has been in place for a while now..


15-09-2006 11:02:09

20 green in less than 30 days? Whats your secret ;)


15-09-2006 11:42:54

so i have to wait till the 2nd of october then it will go onto approval, while they check all the greens then it will go stv?

why cant they check for approval now??? lol

Buford T

15-09-2006 11:48:47

[quotef5eb06baa5="Azrail"]20 green in less than 30 days? Whats your secret ;)[/quotef5eb06baa5]

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