Laptop Reordered?

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14-09-2006 15:46:45

I noticed today that nothing had changed on my account (like having the estimated shipping date or going shipped) but my STV that was originally 8/17 is now STV 9/13. Anyone else got this?


14-09-2006 16:38:47

what do you guys think? would this be a good or bad change?


14-09-2006 17:45:23

[quoteaace93f791="ipodlover1"]what do you guys think? would this be a good or bad change?[/quoteaace93f791]

Nobody knows.. this [baace93f791]is[/baace93f791] Freepay we're talking about here. Anything that is said is likely purely speculation.


14-09-2006 21:18:49

Hmmm, if the original date reflected an actual order date, and so did the second, they yeah, that would likely mean something was out of stock initially.

There's two possibilities...

A. The vendor couldn't fill the order initially, said so to Gratis, and cancelled it for them to reorder when back in stock. (or backordered)


B. The particular model is out of stock, and also no longer available.

Keep your fingers crossed on the latter. More likey than not, in that situation, you'll get some kind of bump-up in model and/or specs. If there isn't a model close to it from the same brand, with the same or better specs, you might get an email listing some alternatives.

Well, that's what I think anyhow. ;)


15-09-2006 07:00:37

ok, well i'll wait and see what happens. so tholek, have you gotten anything like this yet? (i know that you're also waiting for your laptop)


15-09-2006 14:16:09

Yes, that's why I spoke with such authority. D (Happened that way with my desktop)