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11-09-2006 09:21:08

I'm considering doing this site but I'd like to know how many refs each laptop requires, and don't want to sign up just to see (because if I do sign up I'd like to do it so someone gets a ref from my signup) - Can anyone tell me how many refs the laptops need?


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11-09-2006 09:30:52

Err... If there's a rule against this than I apologize.


11-09-2006 09:36:11

[quote220e161bc1="Jiglet"]Err... If there's a rule against this than I apologize.[/quote220e161bc1]

No there is not an rule against this at all. Bruman was just warning that us freepay users can advise you is to NOT do any freepay site. Their reputation has gone down the shitter. Their shipping of products take months after you have gone to even processing or even stv( im on a month at stv for 360). So I would stay away from freepay at the moment.

And i believe laptops is 20 referrals. If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me or just post here.


11-09-2006 10:05:59

Thanks for the info man, I haven't gotten anything from Freepay, but I did freepsps, freeflatscreens, and freeipods (Back when they were Gratis) and had no problems at all so I assumed they were still good. Thanks for the heads up!


11-09-2006 10:06:30

Unless you've got a lot of cash lined up, it's going to be tough to get 20 good laptop referrals in 90 days for Freepay. Hardly anybody wants to do them anymore. And even if you get your link out there in the public where a lot of folks sign up under it, very few actually turn green and stay green. My now-expired Freepay laptop site is sitting at 100 refs, but only 7 greens.


12-09-2006 09:40:26

well i have been on it, about a week and have 13 greens and over 1000 waiting.

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12-09-2006 09:47:23

btw, yes its 20 for any laptop. few to choose from, inc apple ibook, sony, toshiba and so on. Has the specs and everything.


12-09-2006 12:16:32

Holy poop. Do share those advertising methods.


12-09-2006 13:02:07

Now that would be telling, lol.

im only joking, its quite simple. If you are a member of places like myspace, its quite simple. you just post it in the about me section and get your friends to help you out. many of them dont believe it works, so they wont mind if they post your referal link on their page as they wont be signing up themselves. you would be suprised how many hits a myspace page gets in a day and over the weeks it adds up.

As long as you are not spamming you should be fine.

Just a quick mention in the about me section and thats all. Theres lots of sites like myspace poping up, so if your a member of other sites aswell, then it should be faster.

Now the only question, do they ship to uk???lol


12-09-2006 13:47:37

I figured MySpace, both of my daughters and my wife have MySpace sites -- I should plaster my ref links all over them. lol