I just requested an extension

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05-09-2006 06:48:36

I started free360xbox for gratis in may 2005

worked on it for a month or so and quit freebies altogether. Cameback around when time limits showed up, at the same my mom got leukemia. Quit again for a few months to focus on her.

I explained this to CS, slightly more in depth, what do you think my chances are for an extension?


05-09-2006 08:36:15

They'll probably give you some shitty auto-reply saying that it's not possible. My condolences.


05-09-2006 08:50:15

I hope everything with your mom is ok.

Freepay has been nice about giving extensions. I think they'll throw you some extra time, they have for others for being lazy. You have quite a legit reason.


05-09-2006 15:54:05

Got an extension and thanks for the support guys.


05-09-2006 16:53:57

Good thing Freepay was nice enough to grant you the extension and my dearest condolences to your mother; hopefully she's doing much better now.


06-09-2006 16:00:08

Freepay sucks but theyre nice so I think they will. Sorry for your mom.


06-09-2006 17:39:09

how did you get one so quick, ive been trying to get one for 5 monthes....


07-09-2006 09:09:41

My moms doing good guys thanks for your concern. @ toilet, you have to reply to their first automated message.