What supplier did Gratis use for Video iPods UK in Nov?

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03-09-2006 06:27:32

Well my iPod has broken, I received it when it was still Gratis (I think?!) last november. I am in the UK and used the UK freeipods site.

Apple won't repair it and after speaking to my friend who is a solicitor it appears the supplier is liable as manufacturing warranty is over but the supplier is liable for a year. I have all the legal details but I just need to find out who the supplier is so I may contact them to get my iPod repaired!

So any help would be appreciated to track down this company, i used to know who it was but can't find the link in my bookmarks!

If any iPod owners require the UK legal info regarding getting it repaired if it has failed from proper use (accidents etc. are excluded, my iPod HD has become corrupt from proper use) then just PM me and I would be happy to help.



03-09-2006 18:28:31

i thought apple had a manufacturer 1 year on all ipods other than lcd problems


04-09-2006 07:48:03

Ya Apple is suppose to take care of your iPod for at least 1 year if you had registered it on their web site when you got it.

Wasn't it Amazon that "Gratis" ordered iPod from for UK customers?


05-09-2006 09:57:22

When I got my iPod from FreePay in April in the UK it was shipped from Pack Me. They were only responsible for packing and physically shipping the goods.

You can contact them at http//www.pack-me.com/ although the email address doesnt work. They are a part of http//www.pack-supplies.co.uk/

It might have been different last year though.