Freepay = Quicker?

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02-09-2006 16:55:34

Alright so I started MiniMacs.Freepay along time ago and finished a while back also. I sent in my form and they went throught the fraud department and one of my greens went red. Anyways, I got an extension (thank god) and finally got the final green. Now instead of requiring me to send in another form, it just went straight to

Your Next Step
Thank you for mailing your approval form. We have received it and have begun processing it. Please check back regularly for the outcome of our processing.[/quotea7c3ce4a83]

So does that mean my process will go much faster than before? Or are they going to require me to send in a form again.


03-09-2006 07:15:33

you didn't have to send in the form before either.


03-09-2006 08:50:28

Yes I did. To submit for approval I did. Byt then one of my greens went red.


03-09-2006 09:38:50

No i meant after you got an extension, Freepay approved accounts without having to send in a second form.


03-09-2006 10:37:28

My Mac Mini at Freepay has been processing for a little over a month, here's what they gave me...

[quote7198a1afab]Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. Our Fulfillment Department has received your order. Once an order has been placed, it is added to a queue on a first come first served basis. We currently do not carry excess inventory in our fulfillment center therefore your product is not ordered from the manufacturer until it has been placed. Furthermore, orders are bundled together and ordered in bulk typically on a monthly basis. Therefore we are unable to provide a specific timeframe. Currently, we are experiencing delays of up to 90 days. We realize that this is beyond your normal expectation. These steps are necessary in order for us to continue to provide free products to our customers. We recognize this may further delay receipt of your product but want to assure you of our commitment to honor all legitimate orders. We apologize that further inquiries into this matter can not be processed; as there is no additional information available until your order status has changed from “pending”, “processing”, or “in progress” to “shipped”. Please note that our Fulfillment Department is currently processing all placed orders dating back to May 2006. We appreciate your continued patience. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team [/quote7198a1afab]

Just have to stay patient...


03-09-2006 13:04:47

My Mac Mini at Freepay has been processing for a little over a month, here's what they gave me...

lol, mine was processing for 3 1/2 months before they told me I had one go red. SO yes, I'm being as patient as I can be!