Hehe anyone get this response from Freepay?

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01-09-2006 14:13:49

9/1/2006 34659 PM
customer service wrote

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. You will receive a reponse regarding this matter from the department that handles BBB inquiries. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team
9/1/2006 92143 AM
customer service wrote

We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, The FreePay Automated Response Team
9/1/2006 92143 AM
potsey2007 wrote

Hello, I am sick and tired of waiting for my Xbox 360. I sent my form in to you and you received it on APRIL 8th and I have yet to receive my product!! I ordered my Xbox 360 over a month ago and I am still in processing! This is ridiculous!! SO much so that I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I WILL KEEP SENDING SUPPORT TICKETS UNTIL I GET A RESOPONSE FROM A HUMAN!![/quote7429c8de16]

They must have gotten so many that they now had to make a BBB response in their autoresponse system roll


01-09-2006 15:16:03


Not good though. I just sent a BBB complaint. (