Digitalcameras Update

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01-09-2006 11:17:29

They replaced the Canon SD550 with the Canon SD700SI which is currently valued around $100 more than the SD550 on Amazon. They also added a new/replacement for another camera, but I don't know which one it is. I switched my order to the SD700 SI, but I hope it doesn't take much longer.


01-09-2006 11:46:45

I send them a support ticket and they said I'll be in their next batch of orders. Let's hope so...


01-09-2006 16:58:15

Nice! I was hoping they would, as I wanted something newer than the sd550. I switched to the new canon )


09-09-2006 19:12:35

o wow... i would definately do this site if they actually shipped. i could use an extra sd700 )


13-09-2006 13:54:31

Just went STV today. D Anyone else??


13-09-2006 15:16:28

yeah been there for about a month

but something I just realized....the date which I went STV updated to 9/13 from 8/whenever. Maybe that meant I actually went STV for the new camera....just....maybe.....