...no later than September 1st

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01-09-2006 07:18:49

Hs anyone who got letters from freepay via BBB on 8/11 shipped yet? Correct me if i am wrong bu I think 15 business days is today.


01-09-2006 07:21:05

One thing you have to keep in mind that Freepay delays its update on shipped items.

For example, my digital camera that I have just got changed to shipped after 3 days of receiving.


01-09-2006 08:51:02

Sorry, 15 business days would be August 32nd.


01-09-2006 09:40:02

[quotebd1c21d403="CollidgeGraduit"]Sorry, 15 business days would be August 32nd.[/quotebd1c21d403]

lol...a day that doesn't exist!


01-09-2006 09:55:57

[quote2d77f4eaf3="CollidgeGraduit"]Sorry, 15 business days would be August 32nd.[/quote2d77f4eaf3]

Guess that means he's not getting it until the American calendar changes. P


01-09-2006 10:49:10

[quote0522ecd7c4="TFOAF"][quote0522ecd7c4="CollidgeGraduit"]Sorry, 15 business days would be August 32nd.[/quote0522ecd7c4]

Guess that means he's not getting it until the American calendar changes. P[/quote0522ecd7c4]

I wouldnt be surprised if freepay uses that as an excuse. roll


05-09-2006 10:08:44

I has exactly the same deadline and I've got nothing. My status didnt change until after I got my iPod but I wasnt so lucky this time. Its nearly 4 weeks, and as they apparently ship every month it shouldnt be long!


05-09-2006 10:56:57

i had exactly the same deadline. the fax to the bbb from freepay was sent on aug 11th and said 15 business days from then.

i sent a customer service inquiry earlier this morning asking what the update of my order is. this is what i got in return not two hours later

[quotea5eb88546e="Freepay Customer Service"]
Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. Your order has indeed been sent to our fulfillment vendor and is slated to ship at anytime. There was a delay in some of the aspects of the processing with the vendor, which certainly doesn't help matters at this point, but in business this can happen. Rest assured your order will be sent as soon as possible. This is not a delay tactic, but a restatement of fact. We once again apologize for the delays and understand how frustrating this all can be. Please know that we are doing everything possible on our end to remedy this and get your order out to you as quickly as possible at this point. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team

naturally, they use vague terms like "slated to ship at anytime." so i don't know what to make of this. i think i'll send an email to the bbb contact saying that i am still not satisfied with the response.


05-09-2006 10:59:23

I got the same CS response and have emailed BBB again.


05-09-2006 14:28:50

[quotef3410b7f58="tomraffe"]I got the same CS response and have emailed BBB again.[/quotef3410b7f58]

i have a feeling they had this message planned out well in advance knowing full well that they wouldn't be making good on their promise to ship the items by the 15th day.