Would this make you feel better about the ToS?

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30-08-2006 19:01:24

What do you guys think if they changed the system so that the clock doesn't tick as soon as you sign up but it starts to tick as soon as you complete an offer and get creditted, or you refer someone and he/she gets creditted.

This poll is strictly Yes or No, so choose your side. P


30-08-2006 19:11:08

I'd feel better if they just did what they used to and have online approval and 2 week shipping time...they could make it 60 days even...if they just sped everything up id be happy


30-08-2006 19:22:52

Ya, once you step it up to a mailing method there are so many possibilities of something screwing up.


30-08-2006 20:47:15

Something tells me FreePay isn't interested.


31-08-2006 01:13:28

I voted yes, but halfheartedly. )

Locking someone out of EVER doing a site again, that they started and weren't able to finish is unfair. Letting them try again only provides more profit to Gratis.

But yeah, no one listens to that...


01-09-2006 16:40:50

well, seeing how they started a blog, I'm guessing they are now more interested in building up its customer relationship.