When is the last time anyone received an Ipod from Freepay?

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09-08-2006 11:49:02

Hey kids.

Next week will mark the fifth month of processing for an Ipod. A product that is not in short supply, I might add.

I have read about people recently getting 360's, so we can assume that there is still someone at work in the Freepay building.

So, when was the last time that someone got an Ipod from Freepay? Has anyone gotten them since the infamous form requirement?

Thanks for any info that you can provide.


09-08-2006 13:39:53

2005 A.D.


09-08-2006 13:58:41


I don't know if your response was serious or not, but I did get an Ipod from these guys last year.

From the time I signed up to the day it arrived at my door? Six weeks.

Six weeks.

Next week will mark the fifth month of being in the Processing stage.

WTF has happened in one short year??!!

Aardvark Freak

09-08-2006 14:27:36

i helped a friend get one. he got his submission form in right before this snailmail-only nonsense, and i believe he recieved his ipod in march (maybe april).


10-08-2006 18:20:41

I got my nano in April 2006 from FreePay.


10-08-2006 20:55:00

[quotee1e7451f41="zulu342"]I got my nano in April 2006 from FreePay.[/quotee1e7451f41]

I think I got one in march(after the whole 90 days thing)