Xbox 360s BBB Complaint Form

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05-08-2006 07:45:24

Im having a little trouble understanding what to do with this BBB complaint form against Freepay 360's xbox. Can anyone who has filed a complaint and gotten results confirm what all of us who havent are supposed to do?

1) When on the BBB site is says Find the company about which you would like to complain. Many Gratis addresses come up. None of them are for the free 360's. Which address should i use?

2) When it says FILE A COMPLAINT - COMPANY CONTACTS (step 2 of 5)
Which people are we supposed to list? (if any)


05-08-2006 08:07:40

You won't find a specific address for Gratis or Freepay 360's. Just find their main office address. You won't have any company contacts, unless you have any names from ticket or email replies.