How do these giftcards work??

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04-08-2006 10:08:53

So I opened a support ticket and asked if I could get a GiftCertificate instead of a XBOX 360 and they said yes I was placed in the Queue.

Now my order status says "Sent To Vendor, Waiting on Product"

So does this mean I should have received the giftcertificate email already?

When I get the giftcertificate email will my account say delivered or shipped or something?

Anyone who has gotten one please let me know, I am a little concerned about my gift certificate getting filtered with the rest of the spam.


04-08-2006 10:29:43

sent to vendor, waiting on product means they are waiting on the you would not have it yet. i havent gotten a gift card from them, but i assume once it is sent the status will change to shipped.


04-08-2006 10:30:36

stv doesn't mean u'll have it yet, wait for it to say shipped and then 24 hrs from then u should have it. It shouldn't get filtered either.