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02-08-2006 05:07:43

2/8/06 - Processing
3/2006 - 4/2006 (Approved,Submitted, Approved, Pending...finally Approved Again)
7-27-06 - STV (Too good to be true I thought)
8-2-08 - Backorder (Looks like I was right)

Just when I thought it was too good to be true that I was I am on backorder. Why do I feel like they are just messing with me at this point?


02-08-2006 07:35:14

Are the options for the giftcards still available?


02-08-2006 18:06:19

Mine just went from backorder to shipped (w/ tracking #)


02-08-2006 20:05:42

[quotea31cbae49d="stackmjwiz"]Mine just went from backorder to shipped (w/ tracking #)[/quotea31cbae49d]

holy shit. me too. I totally didn't expect that. Surprised to see it is shipped UPS and not DHL.


02-08-2006 20:22:02

mine just went from.......FUCK!


03-08-2006 08:38:22

mine just went from Processing to ... Processing.
damn i'm getting jealous. send me my xbox360, freepay!!
but at least this is a twinkle of hope...hmm.


08-08-2006 04:58:21

As of last night...I can finally say my free xbox 360 has arrived. I guess better late than never applies to freepay.


08-08-2006 12:15:38

well I opened my 3rd support ticket today in bacause they ignoreed my last 2 and then i got approved today!! yayyyyyy

maybe things are starting to get straightened out?

and it would be awesome if i get my 360 within the next couple of weeks....but i know thats not going to happen


09-08-2006 16:22:00

I just got approved 2 days ago, now I'm processing. I wonder how much longer I'm going to have to wait? couple weeks? a month? more months? What do ya'll think?