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01-08-2006 07:16:43

I have been processing on phones.freepay for a 1.5 months (waiting for STV). short compared compared to most of you. I sent in a CS ticket to after "10 business days"..just to hear anything. It has beem a month now and I have not gotten any reply back at all (besides the automatic response when you first send a ticket) Has anybeen getting resposes back lately or is it just this site?


01-08-2006 07:27:31

My last CS Response for premium ipods was on 7/18


01-08-2006 07:39:18

After looking back..the last respone I got was 6/11 and that response wasnt even related to my question. They didnt even read! It really is SAD how far FP has fallen from its "glory days". Like many I have given up on freepay..if I get my phone+ps3 cool...it will be a bonus b/c at this point the freepay we knew is dead!!


01-08-2006 07:42:31

Join the club...

http//home.alltel.net/dmorris/pics/fpps3ticket.png[" alt=""/img8f75022aad]


01-08-2006 09:30:06

It is my understanding Freepay laid off the entire CS staff. That is why CS is non existant at this point.

Freepay hired several Corporate managers to try and turn the titanic of a site around. That is why all the changes of recent, this includes the latest measure of firing all CS (Jake included).

NO CS = No manual credits, no help, less finishes = Freepay lives for a few more days.


01-08-2006 10:38:58

I still haven't seen confirmation that Jake was fired (along with the rest of the CS staff).

I'm not trying to stir the shit here, I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth checking the pcs site to see if it's ever going to ship.


01-08-2006 19:56:46

I talked with Jake just last week, so if he was fired, it must have been recently. As of last Wednesday, he was able to pull some strings and get my GC shipped out without waiting for the next batch to roll around. So either he got fired recently, still works there, or somehow Freepay decided to send my GC out after I talked to an ex-employee about it.


02-08-2006 00:06:51

uhh... mulder... how did you talk to jake? through email or what?


02-08-2006 05:57:46

[quotec50bfd8903="spongebob253"]uhh... mulder... how did you talk to jake? through email or what?[/quotec50bfd8903]


02-08-2006 07:58:46

[quotef812e56d7f="spongebob253"]uhh... mulder... how did you talk to jake? through email or what?[/quotef812e56d7f]
Yeah, I've been in contact with him through e-mail. He's been a lot more helpful than the CS because he actually responds within a day or so.


02-08-2006 08:24:06

mulder, I PM'd you