Looks like i wont be around here much.

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=43760


29-07-2006 23:56:48

Got laid off today, really this was the only place i came on the internet for to check for my ipod. Life is crazy it can change in a heart beat. Well i hope we all get our ipods, good luck every1 it was nice knowning you and reading ur post. Take care.


30-07-2006 00:07:59

You didn't work for Gratis Internet...did you? ;)

Seriously, though. Sorry to hear it and good luck.


30-07-2006 00:24:45

Not exactly sure how that's relevant to FreePay... But I wish you luck in finding another job and living comfortably.

Captain All That

30-07-2006 07:54:39

I got four words for you... New Horizons Internship Program

NH is a technical school with accelerated courses... I got laid off in May of 2004 and in a little over a year I doubled my income... I went from being an Artist to a Webserver Admin. Look em up dude... seriously.


30-07-2006 15:07:03

that stinks. good luck with things and keep your head up


30-07-2006 18:54:17

Good Luck