Still hope for PSP's !

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28-07-2006 12:54:49

I just when "STV, waiting on product" today after more than two months of processing on !

Just when a was starting losing hope !


28-07-2006 13:24:36


if you stay STV, then my predictions are starting to come true. I'm telling you freepay is coming around...just wait until august 28 or whenever the order deadline for the original customers is up...I'm sure we'll see some faster progress.


28-07-2006 13:42:30

I just hope it's not a ta-082, the one you can't hack at all !


28-07-2006 14:04:14

i'm just going to sell mine anyway, i already got a psp from nuitech, that had 2.0 FW on it. im still processing on my psps tho for freepay.. ive lost hope that i will even get it, let alone a new one, someone posted that they are shipping refurb ones


28-07-2006 14:14:54

i think a prefer a good refurb than a ta-082 i can't downgrade at all. Refurb is not necessarily a bad item.


28-07-2006 15:56:48

OMG Status is now "shipped", il less than one day i went fro stv to shipped !

Just hope it's for real !

I think they ship in bulk so am i the only one ??


28-07-2006 16:33:29

wow nice


29-07-2006 00:07:57

Wow.. after 9 or 10 weeks of waiting I also went STV! Amazing.


29-07-2006 01:26:15

dang still processing..... since 6/30

Just give me a PSP freepay!!!!


29-07-2006 14:46:35

I'm still processing as well. No STV yet. I've been processing since 6/8


29-07-2006 15:10:53

Been procesing since 7/12, no STV yet.

Captain All That

30-07-2006 07:57:46

Ahem.. I was in processing since 7/12 also... and I'm... STV.. lilicrieslili


30-07-2006 09:54:49

i ordered on 7/12 as well, but still processing


30-07-2006 10:10:10

pending approval since 1996....j/k--march,2006

Captain All That

31-07-2006 12:28:51

In an another shocking turn of events... My progress has went to shipped.


31-07-2006 15:25:56

I was STV waiting on product back in June, then my status went backwards to processing, wtf??? (I already had the psp sold and had the shipping already set to my buyer) 2 friggin months pass and still no psp. Gave him a refund and changed the shipping address. So I have been processing since the beginning of this month. Wish Freepay would get there shit together. I have never waited more than 3 months for any kind of freebie site. I got my first ipod faster than this friggin psp.


31-07-2006 19:16:24

My status is now shipped too. I'm going to have to call home over the next few days to see when it actually comes up since I'm not home right now I'm not sure if it's arrived yet or not.