Anyone remember the good old Freepay that sends stuff?

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26-07-2006 19:18:42

Its been a while since i came here, and i must say i am shocked. It wasn't that long ago when i tried for the nano and video ipod. Both were completed from waiting approval to shipped in less than a month. They even sent me a Apple wall charger for the ipods as a extra for free. D

What the hell happened? shock I really feel for u guys, Freepay used to be so good. CS used to reply within 2 days. I am glad i'm not doing this any more.

anyone still remember the good old days? roll


26-07-2006 19:30:10

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26-07-2006 20:35:27

yup...I miss those days. Now you dont know whats gonna happen. I for one am not doing anymore sites till I get my phone and PS3


27-07-2006 07:10:29

Yep, I remember those days. I got an iPod Photo and an LCD monitor back in the day and the time from completion to approval to item shipped was very fast - nothing like it is today. Back then there was excitement to see that it actually worked and wasn't a scam. I told my friends, co-workers and family about it, it was great.

Now all of that excitement is gone and it feels like it's a scam. Even though I've now been approved for Mini Macs (after 3 months) I'm still skeptical as to whether or not I'll actually get it. And if I do finally get it it will probably be in another few months which will put it at 6 months of just waiting after the requirements were completed.

This is all bad for Freepay. This will be the last offer of theirs that I will ever do. But worse than that for them, I will tell everyone I know to stay as far away from Freepay as possible. Before I used to tell them how great it was, now all I'll do is tell people how bad it is and to stay away. And that will be their downfall - all the people that actually used to complete the sites and are good at getting many referrals will now use those same skills to tell people to stay away.

Oh well, at least I got some stuff from them.


27-07-2006 09:36:38

I remember my FreeFlatscreens timeline

Day 1 Finished
Day 2 Approved
Day 3 STV
Day 4 Marked shipped received same day.

Those were the days