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23-07-2006 19:10:27

what the hell is going on? has anyone received their gifts on any of the ipod sites? should we send a support ticket to see wtf is going on?!?!


23-07-2006 19:46:13

Meh, been there done that.

[quote803ee7ee44]7/21/2006 30425 PM
customer service wrote
Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. Our Fulfillment Department is currently processing your order. Once an order has been placed, it is added to a queue on a first come first served basis. We currently do not carry excess inventory in our fulfillment center therefore your product is not ordered from the manufacturer until it has been placed. Furthermore, orders are bundled together and ordered in bulk typically on a monthly basis. Therefore we are unable to provide a specific timeframe. These steps are necessary in order for us to continue to provide free products to our customers. We recognize this may further delay receipt of your product but want to assure you of our commitment to honor all legitimate orders. We apologize that further inquiries into this matter can not be processed, as there is no additional information available until your order status has changed from “pending”, “processing”, or “in progress” to “shipped”. Please note that our Fulfillment Department is currently processing all placed orders. We appreciate your continued patience. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team

7/15/2006 15125 PM
email==pamela.ocampo@gmail.compamela.ocampo@gmail.com=pamela.ocampo@gmail.compamela.ocampo@gmail.com/email wrote
I have already been processing for more than 7-10 business days.

What gives?
Where is my iPod?

Don't give me the "we don't know when we'll be getting them." excuse. It shouldn't take months for you to buy an item that is freely available anywhere on the market. Are you looking to buy them wholesale? I can find you a vendor.
I just [b803ee7ee44]want[/b803ee7ee44] [u803ee7ee44]my[/u803ee7ee44] iPod.[/quote803ee7ee44]


23-07-2006 20:20:01

those automated responses are so annoying


23-07-2006 20:34:14

this as been explained before. It simply means that say their Bulk limit is a 100 items. They wait until there is 100 items in processing, and then they order the iPODS in Bulk. So, if you are not in the first 100, than you have to wait until the next 100 are processing to get your item, and so on and so forth


23-07-2006 22:22:06

I've been processing for more than two months for my free psp... I hope they will have their 100 soon.


24-07-2006 08:14:23

one more thing, has anyone tried to contact them without using the correct link for support?

another thing, what if freepay sucks so much they dont reach 100 on one of their sites?


24-07-2006 08:35:54

I've been processing for nearly 5 months. I've emailed CS, Jake, Karen, and Adam.