Site Remodel

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21-07-2006 13:25:28

Well I think most of us have seen by now that the site has been slightly changed. At the very least, I now see a link at the bottom of the offers page that launches a popup window for "bonus offers," which are just links to sites.
Sketchy? Hmmm...
More importantly, what does this mean? This makes me think/hope that FreePay is earning extra revenue from these advertisements (meaning they might work on that shipping problem of theirs). Of course there are several other possible explanations for this change, but I happen to be a strong advocate of Ockham's razor, so I will refrain from mentioning any of my extraordinarily unlikely conspiracy theories.
What say you, people of FIPG forums?


21-07-2006 14:32:45

this is why they have been so damn slow. they are changing the infrastructure of their company as well as the layout of their process and site -> taking up manpower.