Found an alternative to FusionCash!

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21-07-2006 00:28:56

I was looking through Shoutwire and I found http// stating they gave cash for trying out online products and services, so what the hey, I'd have my fair share of FusionCash so why not try another. So I tried eMoneyRewards and they are so much better. I cashed out via e-Gold with 32 dollars in my account doing one of their Tickle Test and I'm on my way to 200 dollars! The guy that maintains the site is Jon and he's super cool with all my questions, concerns, spam, etc.

All of the offers are Instant Credit! So no worries about being under review if I actually completed the offer, no wait! Cashouts are every 25th of the month and are just great! I suggest you check out the site by clicking on my signature below!


21-07-2006 00:51:40

Get this out of the FreePay forum, and take out your link in your signature.


21-07-2006 06:13:06

Don't double post, particularly to irrelevant forums, and the ref links will get you banned. Last warning.


21-07-2006 06:21:56

Every single one of this user's posts is self-promotive of this site...fwiw