Now the site isn't even working!!!

Live forum:


19-07-2006 23:27:51

Is anyone having trouble even loading ? It won't load for me


20-07-2006 13:28:26

I was and still am, I think they are remodeling the sites and thats why it won't load sometimes shrug ....

But, if you keep refreshing you should have some luck in getting it to load, at least I always do...


20-07-2006 13:42:13

loads fine for me


20-07-2006 14:47:36

there's usually one or 2 of these threads a week....


20-07-2006 15:37:56

well it works now for me, but it wasn't the same as the threads you're talking about. it actually didn't load at all... not just an error message... the site looked like it didn't exist. nothing loaded

Buford T

21-07-2006 11:18:41

They remodeled it alright. They added a pop-up. I got a window to pop-open with this (referral removed) site[=http//]site in it today. Has anyone ever gotten this before.. or heard about the "I got my free gift" network (I don't see it listed anywhere.. unless it's known by another name or some acronym)?


23-07-2006 12:15:33


what is that at the end of that link?

Buford T

25-07-2006 18:31:57


what is that at the end of that link?[/quoted1a9025f88]

It seems that it represents their laptop site (kinda weird, I know). If you remove that bit, it takes you to the "igotmyfreegift" main site. I haven't heard anything about this company. Anyone else? They have laptops, so that gets me kinda excited. But I'm quite skeptical. They're a DIY site, so I can't imagine what kind of horrible shit they make you do for a laptop.

Since posting this about the Freepay pop-up, I've been hit by them several more times in the past couple days. And they've all been from different companies (one was about "which is better.. coke or pepsi..."). Seems like Freepay is trying to make as much loot on this (before everyone defects to other sites) as they can.