For those who have submitted a BBB complaint againt freepay!

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19-07-2006 12:17:10

Okay i made this section for everyone who has submitted a bbb complaint against freepay. I jsut submitted one not more than a minute ago and i want to know how many other ppl have done the same.

If you submitted one....what was the outcome on your freepay account and how long till you saw a change after you submitted one?


19-07-2006 14:44:15

I did about 4 months ago, no reply from the BBB and I lost my tracking number for it, I submitted another one about 3 weeks ago and now response yet, so I have to wait till trhe money is up.

edit I just called the phone number that is listed on the BBB site for freepay and all I get is a message saying the number has been disconnected. Hooray.


19-07-2006 15:01:24

I sent one early this month and received a response about 10 days later saying that Freepay "went ahead and approved my account for ordering". Placed my order this morning since the error with the ordering system was fixed.


19-07-2006 16:08:20

Filed BBB claim on Friday, 7/14/06... approved Tuesday 7/18/06... after 16 weeks of waiting.


19-07-2006 16:27:26

I just filed one today, we'll see what happens

Aardvark Freak

19-07-2006 17:38:46

i was waiting for 2.5 months... submitted a bbb complaint on the 12th, and got approved on the 18th.


19-07-2006 19:42:35

can someone explain what a BBB complaint is?


19-07-2006 20:00:07

nevermind, i googled it and it showed me a complaint for freepay

how convenient


19-07-2006 20:30:29

wow so it looks like if you submit a complaint that you get approved in like a week...hope that happens to my account


19-07-2006 20:45:32

Interestingly enough, there are 2 companies listed on there for them

they both list the same addy. Freepay one doesn't have enough info for the BBB to make a report. Wonder which one peeps should file under.


19-07-2006 23:38:40

when i did it i just found freepay..thats what i did the complaint for


19-07-2006 23:47:19

just did it- we'll see what happens... although now i can't even get onto


20-07-2006 12:42:15

Ok, so just wanted to know if anyone (that has been approved after submitting complaint) sent Freepay a message letting them know that you reported them?

Aardvark Freak

20-07-2006 13:49:50

i didn't.


20-07-2006 13:50:37

[quotedc227b5cfb="ipodlover1"]Ok, so just wanted to know if anyone (that has been approved after submitting complaint) sent Freepay a message letting them know that you reported them?[/quotedc227b5cfb]

although this doesn't exactly answer your question, there was someone in another thread who told freepay he reported them to the bbb (prior to being approved). a few days later, his account was put on hold. whether or not the two events are related, not sure.


20-07-2006 14:26:03

yeah i wouldnt tell them that you submitted a bbb report against them becuase they do reserve the right to put your account on hold at anytime (TOS) keep it on the down low for now and let the bbb handle it


20-07-2006 15:46:25

I dunno, I told them I reported them and 2 days later, I was approved. Although the response from CS was the same cookie-cutter deal, so who knows if they actually read it.


20-07-2006 17:28:51

People have been getting approved quite a bit the past week or 2 anyway...I kind of doubt that it is a direct relation to you BBB complaints....


21-07-2006 04:26:25

Yeah, you're most definately right.

Captain All That

21-07-2006 08:18:45

I was approved after my BBB Complaint Also... Sent form on 3/26, they got it on 3/29, I was approved on 7/11.


21-07-2006 12:05:53

well i read that when you file a bbb complaint that they do contact the company. I dont know if they keep your name secret or not but i think that the frequent approvals of accounts might be becuase freepay IS starting to recive numerous bbb complaints.


21-07-2006 12:10:37

I just got approved too in the past week or 2, w/ no complaint after waiting only since May...Other people have been waiting since March, and are contributing the fact that freepay is finally getting to the approvals to their complaints.....

I'll be honest....I don't think freepay gives a flying @#$! at this point about what their profile on BBB says. If that was the case they wouldn't have ever slowed everything down to begin with. I mean if they were that concerned, then I imagine that it would be better to not have complaints then have to resolve complaints....


22-07-2006 00:28:54

I'm still waiting man, i put in my BBB three days ago...


23-07-2006 19:28:29

does anyone have an example of your complaint?. . you leave your email address of your freeplay account?


03-08-2006 15:38:10

Alright, I just sent in my BBB complaint this afternoon. We'll see what happens.

I've been "approved" with Freepay since June 6th, and I sent in my form on April 6th. So I've been waiting a good 4 months now and I'm pretty tired of it. I want my PSP now.


03-08-2006 17:44:02

I just submitted a BBB complaint, I have been processing since 4/29. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling.


03-08-2006 18:22:54

okay i stil have not gotten approved after i sent in a complaint to the bbb for Freepay on Jul 19. Anyone know how to track your complaint with the tracking number? I couldnt find it anywhere on so leave me a link-thanks