When will people learn!

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13-07-2006 08:54:55

I don't understand the people in here. Ive read countless posts about people freaking out, waiting on ipods, getting put on hold or having form problems.

When will people learn not to do FREEPAY anymore!!!!!

These guys suck shit anymore yet people continue to try for items. Seriously switch to other and better networks


13-07-2006 09:09:41

You realize that people are waiting on their accounts that have been open for the past year now right? Its not like these accounts were just started last week.


13-07-2006 09:40:55

exactly. that is what is up with my accounts. they are all from before the TOS change


13-07-2006 12:22:06

Same here. After I get my ipod, its all trainn for me


13-07-2006 12:44:21

Yeah, the only sites I have left are ps3 which im processing on.


13-07-2006 13:33:50

FreePay's 360 site is the only free site I've ever done.

When and if (I'm 9 weeks waiting on my approval form) I get my 360 I'm done with any and all 'free' sites.


13-07-2006 14:49:44

yeah mee too..my accoutn with freepay was in december-now that im waiting on my 360-ive learned that i will never do a freepay site again!!

if i get my 360...