O MacMini Where Art Thou?

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10-07-2006 16:23:32

8. 8 is the number of the day my approval for macminis.freepay.com . What month you may ask? Well, April of course! 7 days later my form that was sent in day of, was approved! Gee willikers Batman!", I thought to myself, "They are uber quick." That's when my excitement ended. Today is July 10th, exactly 3 months and 2 days. What is my current status you may ask? Well according to Freepay, "Thank you for mailing your approval form. We have received it and have begun processing it. Please check back regularly for the outcome of our processing."

This is rediculous, Freepay puts ZERO effort into their site, when I recieve their gift, I will simply no longer use there site. Why and when will I recieve my gift?

I have to go poop. BBL! violin


10-07-2006 17:00:35

I must admit this thread gave me a small laugh, a chuckle if you will.


10-07-2006 20:20:14

[quoteecb08034e0="Akademikz"]I must admit this thread gave me a small laugh, a chuckle if you will.[/quoteecb08034e0]

my intentions completely ;)


10-07-2006 20:45:58

ya know where art thou doesn't mean where, it means why. juliet says that because shes upset about romeo being a Montague. lol just had to say it. and yeah freepay blows now they've gone down the tubes


10-07-2006 20:50:31

O Romeo, Romeo Where For Art Thou To Romeo! Deny thy father, refuse thy name! Yadda Yadda Yadda <- I gues English 101 payed off!


10-07-2006 21:39:04

Anyone know if they actually prove their bullshit reasons for locking an account?


11-07-2006 06:14:54

I've been waiting since April too. I checked today and it says I didn't complete it in the necessary time frame??? I have 13 refs and have been awaiting approval.


11-07-2006 14:10:58

I mailed my form on April 1st. They received it, USPS confirms they received it, customer service responses confirmed they have it, Jake confirmed they have it, yet 3 months later and my status page DOES NOT show they have it and is still telling me to send in an order form.

Heh. Just be glad you got to 'form received' that's a big step up from where I am.


11-07-2006 15:48:37

ROFLcopter , k


11-07-2006 18:55:10

Freepay 100000

All of you 0

Good day sir!


11-07-2006 19:02:40

woohoo month #3 in processing


11-07-2006 20:25:50

[quote30af99e9c1="johnjimjones"]woohoo month #3 in processing[/quote30af99e9c1]

YAY! We should all get together and have a little party. Alcohol free of course, cuz alcohol is for pussies (and bums).