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07-07-2006 17:45:39

I completed my refs in time and even got a couple of extra ones. I have 12 greens and then sent in my approval form. After a little over a month it looks like they approved me. Now it says this for the last week and a half or so, does this mean my camera wasnt shipped yet?
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07-07-2006 19:00:04

You won't go shipped for a long while now, just sit back and wait... I think I've been processing for like 6 weeks now, yeah. Just wait it out, apparently they will "honour all their customers" so it's just a matter of time.

EDIT Actually, it's 7 weeks.. ah, I'm just losing count it's taking that damn long.


07-07-2006 19:21:30

Yeah, consider yourself somewhat lucky that you went processing after only a month. Many of us took quite a bit longer than that. They acknowledged receipt of my form for FlatScreens on 5/8 and I just went processing on 6/23.

Now the real wait begins... ?


08-07-2006 08:39:43

I've been "processing" for [u2ca9659fa5][b2ca9659fa5]3 months [/b2ca9659fa5][/u2ca9659fa5]now. I think it also took me 4 months to get "approved". I was finished back in Feb.


08-07-2006 12:33:24

Also Im in canada, and I hear their are different supplies in canada. Would this maybe mean I get mine sooner rather than if I lived in the states where there are more people completing the sites?