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07-07-2006 08:54:09

So i got word on my status page that freepay had recieved my form about a week after I sent it in. So about 15 days ago i send in a ticket asking if it has been sent to the fraud prevention department yet and the answer was no and that i should wait 15 days to send in another ticket.

So I did....

And then this is the response I got

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We have not received an Order Approval Form from you. If you have sent the form within the last week, it could be that we have not yet begun to process your form. Otherwise, your form was lost in the mail. For this reason, we suggested sending the form by registered mail. It is also possible that you did not transfer your user ID onto the form correctly. In order to request your account’s approval, you must send an Order Approval Form to us. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your compliance with our procedures. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team

What do I do? I just printed out another form and am going to send it back again by registered mail, but now I am set back again. If this has happened to anyone..pleaseeeeeee pleaseeeeeee let me know what you did when this happened to you. Thanks!


07-07-2006 09:12:26

how is this screwing you? mistakes happen, hell, i have been known to make them. just send it again via tracked mail. if you didnt send it tracked mail the first time you are lucky they really didnt actually screw you and say they didnt get it, you have no proof we got it, and your time is up.
just be patient, resend the silly form, and things will fall into place )
you can do it!


07-07-2006 09:14:47

awesome..yeha thats what im going to do just starting to get a little frustrated with freepay but i guess everyone is. Thanks for the advice


07-07-2006 09:16:27

I'm in the approval process also, Good Luck


07-07-2006 10:32:29

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. We have forwarded your inquiry to our Fraud Prevention Department so that they may expedite your approval process. We apologize for the extended delay. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team

this is what they sent back to me after i replied to their first response listed in the origional post. So does this mean that they have my form?? What does expedite mean?


07-07-2006 11:18:00

expedite means they try hard to get it thru faster, like expedited deliver from fedex!


07-07-2006 11:37:05

so do they have my formm? Im opening another support ticket with them. Persistence!


07-07-2006 13:11:36

dude...relax...expedite is a good thing...otherwise a website like "expedia" wouldn't be in existence.

You'll get your shit...just be the other 90% of us.


07-07-2006 14:30:14

Sending in multiple forms does nothing, unless you send them in after your account has already been approved and ordered.... then that would send up a red flag.

Sending in a new form now should be ok... at least you know they will have received the form.


07-07-2006 19:02:31

thanks for all your help..yeah just gotta relax a little

Aardvark Freak

10-07-2006 21:51:51

i've been told my approval would be expedited 3 times already. i've only been waiting for 2.5 months. so i dunno what the hell they think "expedite" means.

i asked customer support what they think "expedite" means and they replied with the standard "we have expedited your approval blah blah blah" form.


11-07-2006 10:23:59

Unless you get lucky and have good timing, it seems the wait for most freepay freebies is about 3 months... sometimes longer, but that appears to be the average.