Customer Service amused me

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06-07-2006 08:19:20

I've been making a CS ticket everyday, starting it with stuff like "And another Monday rolls by..." just to hound them about the massive delays. They always give me a generic reply of course, but this one amused me.

7/5/2006 34024 PM wrote
Thanks for the reply, but I'm just curious if your management realizes that all of these delays are destroying freepay's reputation?

7/6/2006 94452 AM
customer service wrote
Thank you for your feedback.


06-07-2006 08:46:38


It's like the lottery. They'll eventually read one of them.


06-07-2006 16:46:33

Except we never win the lottery. P


08-07-2006 08:54:36

how do you open a customer support ticket? I don't see that option in my account page


08-07-2006 10:53:51

Well, I guess you havn't seen the many other posts about that on here? Go to Help -> Question about account status -> Still have a question


08-07-2006 17:51:29

I hope you're not assuming that first generic reply is actually sent by someone?

In general, when starting a ticket, copy what you've written before submitting, then submit, and after the near-instantaneous automated reply, reply to it with what you've written again. That second submission of the same text on the [b9886dec18f]same[/b9886dec18f] ticket is, in actuality, the support ticket they'll read.

If you already know about that, and are getting actual replies to your repeated tickets, you could be running the risk of retaliation. o


08-07-2006 20:35:27

My first support ticket response

"We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, The FreePay [b57ff627228]Automated[/b57ff627228] Response Team"

I guess that means no human contact.


08-07-2006 20:40:03

Like I said, copy what you wrote, and paste it into a response to that.


09-07-2006 00:29:11

Mention BBB and you might get a different automated response.


10-07-2006 09:27:06

Yea, if I have a serious question, I always paste what they wrote before...I have gotten a couple human responses that way, but with this, its not so much that I have a question, its just to make me feel better.

I'm fairly sure that my xbox360 order was approved and sent (gift card) because I did hound them about it everyday. First they said that they could send me gift cards, then they couldn't "due to demand", I msged them everyday, and a week later I got an email with confirmation number, with NO warning from CS.