Question about refferals that go grey

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22-06-2006 21:28:12

I checked my status on tuesday and i had one of my 23 refferals go grey on my laptops.freepay site so now im down to 22. my question is to the people that have recieved a product from freepay lately and have had a refferal or two go grey. Do all your refferals that went grey go grey all at once or did they go grey one at a time as freepay finds a reason to make them go grey??

Thank you


22-06-2006 21:33:57

Well, it all depends. I wouldn't say just because that one went grey, that you are guaranteed to not get another grey but I also wouldn't guarantee you would be safe. Generally one or two greys is all most people get but it's really according to what your referrals do so I wouldn't worry.


22-06-2006 21:44:37

ok thanx