DIY vs Freepay for a Sony PSP

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Captain All That

22-06-2006 08:45:26

Alright... I have a NIUtech DIY site reserved for a PSP... which I also reserved a PS3 under the same site and email... I was going to wait for the PS3 to come out but I'm in a mood.

You see... it has been 12 Weeks since Freepay received my voucher and I haven't gone approved yet... They haven't even processed the thing despite 6, count em, 6 confirmations that they indeed had the form in hand. Now... The PSP is only $250-$275 bucks... but it's the principality at this point.

So Tomorrow, I will do the NIUTech site for the PSP. I will bet +Karma that I get my NIUtech PSP before I even go to processing on Freepay. I will post my status here. If you're interested in betting on Freepay (in +Karma) then reply below.

If this is against the Board Rules... Mod.. PM me and I will take the Karma part down...

Who's game.


22-06-2006 08:58:31



22-06-2006 10:47:05

you will get the psp a week after niutech gets your voucher

Captain All That

22-06-2006 11:56:29

Well... I know I will get my PSP from NIU first... I'm betting I get my PSP before I start processing. they've had my voucher for 12 weeks... So it should be any day now right?

Captain All That

25-06-2006 21:33:18

i upped the ante and went for a lappy instead of the PSP... I predict I'll have my redemption form tomorrow... Come on Freepay... YOU'RE STILL IN THIS!