You Have No Order History :(

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21-06-2006 12:02:06

I see everyone else is "processing" for their order history. I sent in my form before my deadline and used certified mail. It looks like I cant even fill out a support ticket becuase I just dont see the option to do so.


21-06-2006 13:57:54

login to your account... go to help then My question is about my current account status. then I still have a question and would like to contact customer service. the type away

enjoy man



22-06-2006 12:28:05

Why isnt my ipod order processing? It says that I dont have any order history. I sent my approval form on time in may VIA certified mail. You can see the tracking number at lililililililililililililililililililili

Thank you for contacting Freepay Customer Service. After checking, there is no record in our database that our Fraud Prevention Department has received your form. Due to the fact that we receive dozens of forms everyday, we have to process each form on a first-come-first-served basis. Your form may have arrived, but our fraud prevention has not processed it yet. We will update your account as soon as possible. Please contact us again in 15 days. We thank you for your patience and are sorry for this inconvenience. Sincerely, The Freepay Customer Service Team


22-06-2006 12:43:39

Until your form is processed and approved, there is no order in the system. Since they're telling you they haven't processed your form, then that's why you have no order history.


22-06-2006 12:45:08

mine says that too and i got the same response when i sent in my suport ticke the other day. I sent in my approval for about 3 weeks ago and still have yet to go to processing. It might be a month before we see our forms processed into the fradu prevention department. Yes it sucks....lets keep eacother updated. Mine was for 360