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17-12-2004 15:35:21

now lets say you order a black ink cartridge thats $24.50 but with shipping its like $31.50, would that count as being an ink order over $30? or does the product itsself have to be over $30, without the shipping fee?


17-12-2004 16:04:52

I'm going to go ahead and assume its outlined somewhere on the website. My guess is as good as yours but I'd say an ink purchase over $30 means an ink purchase over $30...not an ink purchase of $24.50


17-12-2004 16:05:52

By the way, that was my 300th post....I'm an addict. Someone get me some help


17-12-2004 16:14:15

nah, i checked the site. maybe i missed something, but it basically directs you to their normal homepage, nothing mentioning the offer. just, all the cartridges are a little under $30, and i don't wanna have to blow an extra $24 just to get over $30 if i dont have to (when the shipping pushes it a little over $30 anyways)


17-12-2004 16:31:20

Well that said, then that supports the idea that you need to purchase 2 cartridges...that's why they made the offer require that you spend over $30 ( It's a common marketing ploy


17-12-2004 17:33:42

[quotebac364c836="FreeOffersNow"]By the way, that was my 300th post....I'm an addict. Someone get me some help[/quotebac364c836]

Get help dude.... You're on this board constantly, HAHA but hey, you help people out so I'm not complaining lol

From what I can remember, it started a week ago when all of a sudden you went wild crazy with posting and people complained b/c you posted on every single freakin' topic. Good stuff. Amazing how you accumulated that many posts in just one week.


17-12-2004 17:35:57

Ohhh, and I just hit my 100th post on that reply ^^^^, amazing


17-12-2004 18:28:26

Not exactly 1 week....actually almost 2 weeks (Joined 04 Dec 2004, today = 17 Dec 2004). Anyhow how about I did all of this during finals week and the week before...we'll see how I did on my finals soon. I'm going to go ahead and say 100 on my econ final, 80-88 on my organizational behavior final, 90-96 on my marketing final )

Hello dean's list.


25-12-2004 19:16:18

Well of course you did well on marketing, you're a free ipods expert!


26-12-2004 14:34:24

well, i know for offercentric i asked them and they said as long as the final order amount is over 30 dollars it counts.


27-12-2004 08:09:48

[quote4d7f04c385="Collateral"]Ohhh, and I just hit my 100th post on that reply ^^^^, amazing[/quote4d7f04c385]

Within 10 days, you posted more than twice what you had posted from Oct - Dec., and HE'S the one that needs help!?!?! lol