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20-06-2006 14:29:17

Just wondered how many other UK FP XBOX 360 members are active on the forums. Post your status here! I want to see if anyone's console has been shipped in the UK yet.


21-06-2006 06:30:32

[quote056f6772bf="tomraffe"]Just wondered how many other UK FP XBOX 360 members are active on the forums. Post your status here! I want to see if anyone's console has been shipped in the UK yet.[/quote056f6772bf]

i'm from the US and would love to know if everyone is getting the run around or if they are shipping overseas but not in the backyard... good thread


25-06-2006 04:52:44

hey i'm from the uk and i'm waitng for 2 of the freepay sites!

Giftcards.freepay - Completed - Sent Form 3/4 -Postmarked 10/4 - Approved 16/5 - Processing
Xbox360s.freepay - Completed - Sent Form 2/5 - Postmarked 9/5 - Approved 13/6 - Processing

i ordered both the same day i was approved and i'm still waiting (

i asked them i'd be waiting for my giftcards.freepay giftcard for nearly a month and they said something like

"sorry thank you for being extremely patience"

so i'll hopefully be getting tht in a couple of weeks but wouldn't bet on it. my mates been prcoessing for his 360 for about a month aswell and hes from the uk.

hopefully they'll get it sorted in the next couple of weeks i'm getting sick of freepay


25-06-2006 10:09:59

Last I heard they had purchased some units and were waiting for them to be shipped to the distribution centre before being sent to people like us!


26-06-2006 14:55:56

hopefully we'll get it in july then i wont bet on getting it this month


08-07-2006 08:44:32

I aint waiting forever!

i've submitted a bbb report. that'll sort them out ;)


24-07-2006 10:21:28

Thought I was the only UK 360 person that has been approved. Anyone know anything about when we'll get them?


29-07-2006 03:11:19


i've just gone STV yestruday for my 360 D finally

should be getting it monday- tuesday



31-07-2006 03:57:05

Im so jelous! Im still processing despite being approved 17th May, before you! They batch orders dont they, so I wasnt in this batch therefore will have to wait for the next one?


31-07-2006 05:14:34

Just filed my BBB complaint against freepay - I am from London, UK.

Been processing since 5/6/06.

Hopefully get a response soon.


31-07-2006 06:34:24

Hi i am new here but have been reading these posts for days now, just wondering how anyone has mannaged from the uk to submit a complaint to the bbb because i have tried but it say at the end to fill in my US address, has anyone got a http link to the right place

btw ipod nano ordered june 13th & xbox360 ordered june 20th

thanx in advance


31-07-2006 15:17:39

yea some people from the uk have managed to submit a successful bbb report me being one of them.

My Xbox didn't arrive today and its not really a suprise to be honest. Freepay said in the letter that both of my orders would be shipped this week well 15 business days so they've got till friday since the letter was posted on the 13th of this month.

My xbox360 is stv but my gifcard isn't . if it aint stv by friday i'm back to bbb i'm sick of them not keeping promsies i can only hope for them all to be shipped this week but its looks doubt full at tht. i'll keep you posted.


01-08-2006 01:40:29

how do you report to the bbb?


02-08-2006 08:56:30

freepay stated in the letter i recieved off them that obth my items would be shipped this week. my xbox360 has gone STV but my giftcard is still processing this is stupid i still aint recieved my 360! (

i'm going back to bbb on friday if they aint shipped them both whats the point of telling that they are going to ship them both this week i thats a blatent lie. i'm so annoyed evil

my mate got the same letter as me at the same time and hes already got his 360 evil evil which makes me even more angry


02-08-2006 11:23:04

I just submitted my BBB complaint, hopefully that will get things moving! Remember you are still STV, not shipped. Saying that I got my iPod before its status was shipped, but still.


02-08-2006 13:23:24

talk about speak to you soon lol
my xbox360 just changed to shipped D and i've got a tracking number !

Thanks to bbb what a result! 8)

my first eva freebie a XBOX360 i'm loving it!


03-08-2006 02:06:36

i recieved my xbox360 from freepay DDDDDDDD

the smorning finally my first freebies although the thing i was complaining to bbb about was my giftcards.freepay account and thats still processing lol so atleast i got something maybe they got a shortage of um and thought theyd ship me this for the mean while i'll post pics later


03-08-2006 03:05:34

Congrats! How long was it from your complaint to you getting your XBOX? How was it delivered, Parcel Force? Parcel Force left my iPod on my doorstep which I wasnt too pleased about so hoping its not them again.


03-08-2006 09:13:57

yea it was parcelforce it came at 800am lol talk about early it was lucky i was up lol

well i recieved the letter that bbb posted on aobut 17th of july when the date on the letter was the 13th and i sent my bbb complaint on the 6-7th of july so from 6th-7-th till today. what you got to remeber is i would have beaten the que of people submitting bbb reports like whATS HAPPENIN now


03-08-2006 13:54:30

Just to update I submitted my BBB complaint on monday - I also posted this customer service post

Hi I have submitted an official complaint to the US Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding my Xbox 360 order Better Business Bureau of Washington DC & Eastern PA Complaint Tracking Number DFD80-BC2FD-974B0-B83E6-91EC9-EC73C-E7 reMr Ben Adams and Freepay Please be advised that they will contact you shortly regarding my order. If you fulfill my order in the next week then I will retract my complaint. If not I will pursue my complaint even if it means legal action. There are NO more excuses I'm afraid. There are plenty of Xbox 360s here in the UK, so do not tell me you can not find one. I look forward to receiving my xbox 360. Regards Ben Adams

and got this response

Thank you for contacting FreePay Customer Service. Our Fulfillment Department has received your order. Once an order has been placed, it is added to a queue on a first come first served basis. We currently do not carry excess inventory in our fulfillment center therefore your product is not ordered from the manufacturer until it has been placed. Furthermore, orders are bundled together and ordered in bulk typically on a monthly basis. Therefore we are unable to provide a specific timeframe. Currently, we are experiencing delays of up to 90 days. We realize that this is beyond your normal expectation. These steps are necessary in order for us to continue to provide free products to our customers. We recognize this may further delay receipt of your product but want to assure you of our commitment to honor all legitimate orders. We apologize that further inquiries into this matter can not be processed; as there is no additional information available until your order status has changed from “pending”, “processing”, or “in progress” to “shipped”. Please note that our Fulfillment Department is currently processing all placed orders dating back to April 1, 2006. We appreciate your continued patience. Sincerely, The FreePay Customer Service Team

Dont really knopw what to make of it! -s


05-08-2006 07:05:21

that response is a auto response many people have had the same . it means there trying to get a bit more waiting out of you lol


08-08-2006 15:12:03

freepay finally agrees to ship both my orders my giftcard finally when to STV today will be shipped by the end of the week D


23-08-2006 14:38:20

Hope you got your stuff in the end.

After submitting a BBB complaint on the 2nd August I got a reply today dated 10th August from Gratis. It basically says that my order will be shipped within 15 business days from the date of the email.

I changed to STV on Friday 18th August so with any luck I should get it this week. Yours went STV on a Friday, shipped on Wed and receieved Thursday. Its Wed today and mine is still STV, im hoping its been shipped but just not updated as I got my iPod when the status was still STV. Wishfull thinking perhaps. Ill let you all know how I progress but the moral of the story is that BBB complaints do work!


26-08-2006 02:18:04

yea i've recieved my giftcard from them now D finger crossed yours comes tomorw


26-08-2006 03:26:05

Still STV. It said to BBB it would be with me by the end of next week, the 1st September. If its not then theyre in trouble!


05-09-2006 10:11:55

Still nothing. Complained to BBB again.


06-09-2006 10:11:16

I can't put into words how much hatred I have for this company. They have screwed me around for 5 months now. They are full of shlit. I hate them. I feel helpless - we are all helpless - it makes me laugh the US is probably the pinnacle of customer service and law and we're still getting screwed! I'm gonna go out of my way after I get my xbox to bad mouth and damage their reputation as much as possible - i think we all should. They aren't going to get away with this. I have wasted large amounts of my life with this - its not worth it now in the time spent!


07-09-2006 18:15:56

my xbox 360 went STV about 3 weeks ago. today status changed to shipped and there is a tracking number posted on my order status page


08-09-2006 03:18:49

received it today!
http//img="" alt=""/img208/8724/imgp0788ns8.jpg
http//img="" alt=""/img205/382/imgp0789ca4.jpg
http//img="" alt=""/img205/1253/imgp0790kq1.jpg
http//img="" alt=""/img205/4475/imgp0791kj4.jpg
http//img="" alt=""/img222/8292/imgp0792al0.jpg


08-09-2006 11:14:31

Got mine today too. Better late than never.

Now working on to go with it!