iPOD and USB 1.1?

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16-12-2004 18:01:57

It there any way to use USB 1.1 with the iPOD. If so, can someone post instructions.


16-12-2004 18:11:30

step 1. plug it in
step 2. transfer songs just like you would if you were using usb 2
step 3. wait until your songs finish transferring or your order for a pci usb 2 card over the internet is delivered. which ever comes first.


16-12-2004 18:31:45

yea.. i noe that part, but iTUNEs doesn't reconise it when My Computer does.


16-12-2004 19:21:39

i got 1500 songs transfered via ghetto usb in about 1-2 hours.
it's not too bad.


17-12-2004 06:11:24

[quote0f4c832fc4="cooljiggy34"]yea.. i noe that part, but iTUNEs doesn't reconise it when My Computer does.[/quote0f4c832fc4]

You might need to check for new drivers, or search for the issue online (find an iTunes forum, perchance). My boyfriend had the same problem, but I can't remember what he did to fix it. ?


17-12-2004 10:05:19

i use USB 1.1 and it works fine.

The answer is that USB1.1 WILL work, but it will not transfer as fast as USB 2.0 or Firewire.

I also feel like the detection of the iPod is very slow also. Also, if you only transfer 10-20 songs each time, it's not a big deal, but if you are going to do 100 each time, you might want to upgrade to a USB2/Firewire card.

the apple website has a great support section.