Status changed from STV waiting on Product to Processing

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16-06-2006 16:01:33

My psp site just went from Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product, to Processing. Anybody elses do that? This is starting to get annoying. I have been waiting about 3.5 weeks now just for a psp. Glad that this is my last freepay site.


16-06-2006 17:06:16

Join the club. I was waiting over a month in STV for digitalcameras and I got switched back to Processing.


20-06-2006 09:17:10

Does anybody even work at Freepay anymore? All I seem to be getting in my customer service inquiries are automated respones. Even when I ask for a real answer this is what I get

Thank you for contacting Freepay Customer Service. While we cannot guarantee a date that your order will be shipped, we can assure you that we are working as hard as we can to ship all orders in a timely manner. Due to our internal process, it will take longer than the stated time. Thank you for your extreme patience. Sincerely, The Freepay Customer Service Team"

All I want is my psp. My account has been approved since 4/29 and still nothing. Anybody know whats going on over there?


20-06-2006 09:35:18

Same thing happened for my psp account, anyone try to call them directly? Phone (202) 595-9123

I filed a complaint at the BBB today and would suggest everyone who has been waiting for over a month does also

just fill out a online form stating your complaint and they will try to mediate it. It might not work but it is worth a try.