Still goona deal with freepay?

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14-06-2006 17:13:04

I was just thinking that after i recieve my 360 i might not deal with them anymore (i have an account for flatscreens, giftcards, and pc's) because of this whole entire pain in the asssss process. Anyone with me on this one or should i stick with it for an other item?


14-06-2006 17:18:24

Ditch Freepay, no doubt.


14-06-2006 17:24:04

ditch them those assholes put 2 of my referals on hold; 2 months after my deadline passed now if they will be nice enough to grant me an extension!


14-06-2006 17:36:50

I do feel burned over losing accounts with greens. That and the fact that they haven't started any new sites that I'd be interested in, would make me say no.

If they did a site with the new XM handhelds for 5-6 refs, then I probably would give it a shot though.


14-06-2006 17:55:01

you would have to be stupid to start one of their sites now.


14-06-2006 18:02:40

yea im going trainn now


14-06-2006 18:19:11

yeah seems like trainnn is the easiest to deal with


14-06-2006 19:46:03

Once I get my 360 I am also going to be finished with freepay.


14-06-2006 19:48:18

when did you complete your 360 and have yyou gotten approved yet?


14-06-2006 20:11:47

[quote39def8e5bc]Still goona deal with freepay?[/quote39def8e5bc]

After I get my PSP, we'll talk. [spoiler39def8e5bc]we won't[/spoiler39def8e5bc]


14-06-2006 20:49:46

True...after i get my giftcard...i'll finally be able to rid my bookmarks of the existance of freepay...and I can stop reading this part of the forum all together )


15-06-2006 06:54:13

[quote4a8e600b9d="zr2152"]when did you complete your 360 and have yyou gotten approved yet?[/quote4a8e600b9d]

I FIRST completed it in December, they DQed one of my refs, so I got another one, then I submitted for approval again and they DQed another referal, after a month of complaining they finally agreed to take me off of hold, then I got my final referal in March, submitted for approval, they approved me, then I printed out the form, sent it out March 17th, they recieved it March 22nd. Took them 2 months to even look at it, then about 3 weeks ago I was approved. Now I am sitting in the processing stage for probably about 6 months.