Sending in another form...breaking POS? I mean TOS...

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12-06-2006 20:41:43


I sent my form in via certified mail and got confirmation from USPS that it was delivered and signed by someone...(mail carrier or someone at Freepay, I'm not sure).

Of course nothing has happened on my account yet...nor do I expect it too anytime soon.

I have sent many support tickets and they just keep saying we are not processing your form yet... This is OK, but I want to mail another or two just to make sure that they get it...would this be breaking the Terms of Service and get me banned? Or is it OK to re-submit an approval form?

Thanks for your help,



12-06-2006 20:44:40

I can't imagine why they'd put you on hold for sending in your approval form more than once....


13-06-2006 06:11:41

will someone PLEASE explain a support ticket?

come on now.....


13-06-2006 07:36:17

A support ticket is when you submit a ticket from their help section to go to customer service. From your FreePay website go to HELP - My question is about my current account status - I still have a question and would like to contact customer service.

Also sending in another form will not break their TOS. I sent it two and was approved, so it was okay. I even told someone who I emailed from Gratis I was doing this and he didn't say anything to deter me from doing it. Within a week and a half I got approved.


13-06-2006 08:32:56

I've sent in two approval forms, but then my account has been at the pre-approval stage twice now (once for 5 referrals for one nano and once for 10 refs for two nanos).

But so far, it hasn't seemed to cause any problems.


13-06-2006 08:57:21

thanks for the reply.... they have my form but i am waiting and i didnt understand the whole support ticket thing.... i might have to use if my mac doesnt come in before i move out of state.... hopefully they will get their act together and send out the stuff....