Shipment for an electronic giftcard?

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11-06-2006 12:38:17

I sent a customer service ticket, about how I am getting impatient with my giftcard process, and how I haven't received it yadda yadda yadda...

then they send me this...

6/9/2006 24517 PM
customer service wrote

We are sincerely for the delay. We have submitted the orders to our supplier already but it will take at least 2-3 weeks for the shipment. Thank you for your extreme patience.

Whats up with this? There is a "shipment" on an ELECTRONIC giftcard?


11-06-2006 13:10:23

I'm in the same boat with the xBox360s, but my giftcard has been sent to vendor, waiting on product since May 16 (which is nearly a month - longer than the 2-3 week requirement Freepay claims in that reponse).


11-06-2006 15:43:12

same boat....since april 22nd!!!


11-06-2006 17:31:43

Same here STV 4-24 ,Jake P.M'd me then saying they would ship soon! So much for that, if it's still going to be weeks before they ship.This is all B.S. Freepay needs to QUIT LYING and Start fulfilling it's commitments.


11-06-2006 18:16:26

its just another bs freepay message to drag out their inevitable death.