Referal problem.

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09-06-2006 19:38:30

Maybe someone here can help me, I've PM'd Jake and tried to contact Freepay using their automated system but it won't let me send a message (I don't know if it's because I use a Mac or what)

I had until 5/30 to complete all my 8 referrals and I got people to do them for me during the last few days. All 8 people had completed them and my account expired. 7 of the 8 went through within 3 days after expiration, and the last one kept showing up as Not completed in my status page. 2 more days later I got another email that said an offer was completed. This would make my 8th and last referal. So I jumped over to my status page and I still only have 7!! twisted How can I get this last offer to go green?? I know the person and had them check their status page and they are showing a Completed status for their referral, but I'm not getting credit for it and I'm 10000000000% positive they used my ref ID. This is really pissing me off.


09-06-2006 19:47:12

If you meet the minimum referral requirement AFTER the 90 days is over, you are still eligible to receive the gift.


09-06-2006 19:58:24

Their info on that said if all referals are in and completed in before the 90 day limit they will still credit the offers even after the 90 day limit. All my offers were done before the 90 day cut off. They just weren't credited. 7/8 got credited after the 90 days. #8 was too, but I'm not getting credit for it.


09-06-2006 20:12:33

just message them and ask for an extension
if u cant do it on your computer, find a pc ) (library, etc. just dont do an offer on it!)


09-06-2006 20:26:55

Where should I send the message? Like a link? Their Help section makes it SO hard to find a contact form.


09-06-2006 20:53:39

[quote0d2c12a3ce="exiva"]Where should I send the message? Like a link? Their Help section makes it SO hard to find a contact form.[/quote0d2c12a3ce]

Find the comment form. Jake used to be able to help, but he hasn't been here lately.


09-06-2006 21:02:45

Alright, I'll go over to a friends house tomorrow and use a Windows box lishuddersli