ink offer

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09-06-2006 16:18:55

what do i do to complete offer?


09-06-2006 17:56:54

disable popup blocking and read what it says on the popup window that pops up when you click the offer. I believe it is purchast $35+ worth of ink, but I'm not sure.


09-06-2006 20:13:06

i think it was $30
i needed it so it was a great offer for me


09-06-2006 20:17:08

[quote7bdfd884ad="jy3"]i think it was $30
i needed it so it was a great offer for me[/quote7bdfd884ad]
Always good to do an offer you are interested in )


09-06-2006 21:04:51

Yea, I needed ink so I did that offer for ink I needed ( Comes with a free gift also P


10-06-2006 05:42:14

I love the ink offer. Most of the time though I have never received a gift for it, said I would but didn't. The one offer gave you free movie passes for fandango, and a bag of popcorn, never got the popcorn but I called about the tickets. About a week later the woman I talked to on the phone sent me an email with my fandango code. I also bought an SD card from an ink site, but they sent me a Multi-Media Card instead. Sent me a box to send it back plus the right card a day later. Awesome customer service and plus you get a product you need. I usually spend about $45 in ink when I order because I can always use ink. I think it asks you to spend $30.