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09-06-2006 15:40:44

I had a friend recieve credit on one of my sites for completeing a complete home offer and going green for me. HE canceled his free trial and recieved a confirmation email but was recently charged $100 for a membership fee!! He called me the otehr day and told me this and he learned that complete home has hundreds of law suits against them because of this. Anybody go through this or can give me some advice?


09-06-2006 15:45:31

This happened to me with appera teeth whitening. Call up the credit card company you paid with and dispute the charges. I did this and did not have to pay for my unwanted 3 month supply I got. Just tell him to explain his situation to the credit card company.


09-06-2006 15:46:09

yeah, same thing happened to me. and I told everyone not to do that offer. We need a "rate the offers" forum or an affiliation to


09-06-2006 15:57:55

they tried to charge me 100$ on my prepaid. THANK GOD for prepaids. tthey got declined, yeaa


09-06-2006 16:49:21

I got charged for waiting and not cancelling b/c I'm an idiot.

I called, said I wasn't interested, and the terms said that tehy would refund me what I didn't use...

They refunded me in total.

This IS a good offer IMO


09-06-2006 17:18:42

I did this offer on my mother's credit card, she didn't scream or yell at me, so I am assuming that she did not get charged anything. I also got the sweet 20 dollar gift cards to lowes D


09-06-2006 21:05:34

yeah i did it too na dit went well for me and i got the 20 dollar gift card. Thanks for the posts. Looks like ill get this resolved


09-06-2006 23:26:12

I did this offer. Seemed pretty good imo.
Got a surge protector from lowes D thanks to the gift cards.
Anyway...I remember it saying they would auto charge for $100 at the end of the billing cycle...zr2152, did they charge you after the trial (like you didnt cancel?) or did they just charge you in the middle of the trial? Sorry, it was a bit vague.


10-06-2006 05:37:54

Husband and I both had it before we got married. I lived at another address. We never received our $20 gift cards in the mail. I called twice about them, they said OH, YOU NEVER GOT THEM? like they didn't know and we still have not received them as promised. I canceled both accounts after not receiving them and they charged my husband 3 (yes 3) times on his credit card. When I called to ask about the charges they said I was lying, and I promptly faxed them the CC statement and they called me back to apologize. I told them whatever take the charges off and told them their company was nothing but a scam. I do not recommend this offer to anyone who doesn't want to be charged for their worthless service. I even tried to use the coupons on the site or paint once and Lowe's wouldn't take them...


10-06-2006 08:33:54

Heh, I got a $5 check the other day from them. The other site that had the Walmart GC sent me a $25 GC.


10-06-2006 21:01:18

i had no problems with this offer. read all the TOS....
also, it isnt just on freepay so dont blame them.


11-06-2006 09:30:23

[quote368e2c0dbd="Psyc"]Heh, I got a $5 check the other day from them. The other site that had the Walmart GC sent me a $25 GC.[/quote368e2c0dbd]

You didn't cash that check did you? there are terms on the back of those checks that make you really not want to cash them....


11-06-2006 11:17:01

[quotee86306b26a="Psyc"]Heh, I got a $5 check the other day from them. The other site that had the Walmart GC sent me a $25 GC.[/quotee86306b26a]

yeah, you better not have cashed it...i got one and if you read the TOS on the back, it starts up your account again and after only a week you get charged $100 I think.


11-06-2006 11:40:25

I did this offer on FP when it first showed up, great offer back then...don't know now though..


11-06-2006 14:15:23

I've done this offer and I love it! It credited instantly for me and i got 2 $10 lowes cards. I had no billing issues.


11-06-2006 21:03:25

yeah im not blaming freepay and i had a good experience with that offer too! I got 20 dollar gift card also...but i was just wondering if anyone had a bad experience with it..thanks


12-06-2006 10:41:07

I did this offer way back and was pretty happy with it.

One of my refs did it recently, was hoping to keep the offer, but never got a welcome pack or the $20 lowes cards. She called to cancel and so far, hasn't been charged (last time I talked with her). She mentioned they were nice on the phone and apologized for her not getting the welcome pack.

I think this is still a good offer, and even if you stay on past the trial, they offer a pro-rated refund.

This used to be a monthly charge, so this new yearly charge is new.


12-06-2006 11:51:13

awesome thanks....yeah i love this offer too, pretty simple for me and no problems


12-06-2006 12:00:10

The only beef I had w/ it
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is that it takes a good week + to credit...Can't complain about the $20 bucks I got to Lowes though )