Wacky emails from freepay

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08-06-2006 06:54:48

Today I received an odd email from an AOL email address...

It lists someone else's freepay user ID number, name, address, offer confirm ID number, name of offer (nano) and an estimated offer completion date.

I cannot make heads or tails of it. It doesn't appear to be a forwarded message, and why would another freepay user I don't know send it to me anyway?

Aside from the standard customer service emails many of us have received lately, has anyone else received something like this?

A glitch in their system perhaps, or has freepay collectively gone off the deep end?

i blame history

08-06-2006 07:33:08

maybe they have recruited you as a customer service rep?

really, thats strange.... maybe you should contact the person whose information you recieved... let them know you just got all of their personal information, and that you dont plan on kidnapping them.


08-06-2006 07:42:31

Sounds like it's an attempt at phishing. Is there a "Login" button that directs you to some weird site with a login box?


08-06-2006 11:09:16

Sounds like it's an attempt at phishing. Is there a "Login" button that directs you to some weird site with a login box?

No, nothing like that. Here is the message, verbatim (with guy's info blanked out)...
FreePay User ID Number (aka Referral ID Number) 2lililililili7
First and Last Name lililililili lili
Mailing Address lilili lilililililili Street, lilili lililili, lili lililili
Offer Confirmation ID Number (if known)
Name of Offer Free IPOD NANO
Exact or Estimated Offer Completion Date 2006

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Could be phishing I suppose...


08-06-2006 13:02:38

From what I can see, I think he tried to email Freepay for the missing credit form, but somehow he mailed it to u. (?)


08-06-2006 19:08:24

The only thing I can think of is that someone is using your account, or email address for phishing. Maybe someone spoofed your email, or used your email to send out a "We lost your info" email and someone was dumb enough to reply. At least that's my take on it, I may be wrong (as I usually am, lol)


08-06-2006 20:20:40

wait...is that seriously a last name with 2 letters?

I don't mean to sound racist, I'm not....but everytime i've been scammed, swindled, or almost scammed online, it's been by someone with a last name of 2 letters.


It seems like scammers like to use these names , whether it be their own or not to scam people. I dunno...just an observation.


09-06-2006 08:23:40

Yes, it is an Aisan surname name with two letters.