Approved in 2 business days???

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07-06-2006 12:58:56

Didn't the email freepay sent us say that forms later than the 15th of may would be approved in 2 days? Well it's wednesday, so this is the 3rd business day, and i haven't been approved yet. Anyone got approved this week?


07-06-2006 14:16:05

rofl dont be suprised...I'm sorry im not laughing at you, i'm just laughing at the fact they thought we would believe this.

Buford T

07-06-2006 15:06:57

Are you sure they didn't say that [i2195e83a93]notification[/i2195e83a93] of your form being received would be given within two days (and not account approval)? I'd look myself. But I shan't. La. Zy.


07-06-2006 18:51:39

wow i thought it said approval in 2 days too. But no approval ( OMG If i get the giftcard anytime by mid july ill be happy.


07-06-2006 19:04:36

just add it to the infinite list of freepay lies....


08-06-2006 06:23:54

If you believed that, I heard if you get 1,000 referrals you get to own your very own bridge!


08-06-2006 12:54:41

bridge? oh man that is cheap, they said skyscraper to me!